This platform is being build to have an easy entry in a full system of services to start your new project on top. Providing an easy startup of the key services to get your service as fast as possible.

The Problem

If we are setting up an new system, we spent a lot of time with the basics of some default services as a service registry or an authorization server. When we are done with that, there is still work to do before we start, setting up some additional systems as monitoring or CI/CD. Even all of this is done, there is still nothing „real“ to show to someone.

The Goal

Providing a sample implementation of basic services and a environment for DevOps should make it possible to do the setup in a couple of minutes and let us start building a new increments in a much faster way.

The Platform

Spring Microservices offers an overview of the basic setup. As you can see, my diagram is very similar. The main change is the vendor independent services, which can be Spring but don’t have to be.

How to get there?

If we look on the overview, before we start a lot of services have to be implemented to get a running system an even then it would be an academical approach. So the best shot seems to be to setup an example project and try to gather some experience. This is done in the Articles section.