The Curator-Project – Start

In order to get some experience on how the systems work and interact I’ll setup an example project. The code will be published as soon as have a first version up, running und basically tested.


Last year I’ve tried Amazon Kids and wasn’t relay impressed with the UI and the content.

I would like to use different services (Amazon Music, Spotify, …) and mix in my own content as audio books, music, videos, building instructions and so on in an UI that’s navigable for kids (4-7 years).


The initial requirements needed to start with the implementation. This section will be updated when there are more.

Must have

  • Easy to navigate
    • Big icons
    • Works on Tablet
  • Own content can be shown
    • Instructions (pdf)
    • Audio-books
    • Music
    • Video
  • Own content can be added
  • Handle multiple user

Nice to have

  • Streaming of own data
  • Third party content
    • Amazon Music-Playlists
    • Youtube selected Videos
  • Multi-Language support


To goal is to get a first look an the system as soon as possible. This might require bigger a refactoring later on, but as the UI is the key I’ll shortcut the evaluation of the requirements.


As seen on the Platform overview there might bee a lot of services to get up an running before anything is visible. For now Ill shorthand this a little in order to get some experience on the essential services needed.

For Frontend I’ll use Angular. There are a lot of different alternatives that might be better, but as I am familiar with Angular I’ll stick with this framework. The same reason applies for Java/Spring.

So what is relay needed?

  • Frontend to interact with the content
  • Backens-Service for CRUD-Operations for the content
  • DB for storage data (PostgreSQL, MariaDB, …)
  • Service to store content (File system, S3, …)

The other service can be added later on. As it is not productive authorization for example can be mocked for the moment.